Y1 JLB 10 Junior Hockey Stick (2023/2024)

£44.90 £51.99
By Y1

The JLB is designed for those players looking to advance their game with a carbon stick. Designed with a controlled low bow to make 3D skills easier, this 10% carbon stick will give any young player some power with enough softness for forgiveness for their hands in the cold.


A perfect choice for those junior players advancing their game.


      Composition: 10% Japanese Toray Carbon & 90% Aramid/Fibreglass

      Balance point: 38+-

      Weight: 500 grams

      Bow Size: 24mm


As a company, Y1 is now carbon neutral and we are continually looking to reduce our impact on the planet, from reducing single use plastics to offsetting our carbon footprint. We are only at the beginning of our sustainability journey and we have a long way to go, however our passion for growing the game feels especially relevant with this year’s range.