Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - AJ Seam Trainer Cricket Ball (Red)

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AJ Seam Trainer Cricket Ball
The perfect bowling training aid for players and coaches to understand and train the release point as well as the seam and wrist positioning of a bowler.
Can be used to train any form of bowling – from spin bowlers to fast bowlers and everyone in between!
The flattened sides allow the bowler to see exactly how the ball is pitching and deviating off the surface.
Weight of 150 grams means that the ball can be used by adults and juniors alike.
Very popular with schools, clubs and coaches.
Individually quality checked.
Important Safety Note – Due to the shape of the ball and the unpredictable nature of the bounce, it is not intended to be used or bowled towards a batsman, fielder, wicket keeper, coach or anyone else. You should also take the necessary steps to ensure damage to any surrounding property does not occur. The manufacturer, retailer or supplier will not be held liable for damage or injury caused through any misuse or lack of care taken in ensuring the safety of all relevant parties during the use of the ball.