Opro Gold Mouthguard (Age 10+ to Adult)

£19.90 £22.99
By Opro


The Opro Gold is a competition level self-fit mouthguard with enhanced-flow gel comfort and protection.

The gumshield

  • has an enhanced flow gel inner channel for ultimate retention and fit
  • has patented anatomical fins for ultimate protection and comfort
  • has an ultra-impact resistant outer layer
  • is suitable for all contact sports including hockey, rugby, boxing and MMA
  • is not suitable for wearers of fixed braces
  • is latex free
  • contains Biomaster to protect from microbial growth
  • has holes for the fitting cradle
  • has a coloured carry case

    It is aimed at ages 10+ through to adult.

    Fitting instructions are included in the pack.