Katchet Cricket Fielding Ramp

By Katchet

The Cricket Katchet Board is here at AJSports. A huge seller with cricket coaches, Wicket Keepers and aspiring cricketers who just genuinely want to improve their catching skills.
Can be used in Schools, Clubs or even in the back garden. Katchet Board - Catching Practice Aid.
Used by some of the best cricket players and coaches in the World. Katchet is very easy to use and transport around in a rucksack style bag, providing a constant challenge for cricketers of all ages and abilities.
It is also a must for any serious cricket coach as the perfect cricket coaching aid.
Suitable for use with any soft or hard ball, Katchet will provide realistic sport specific training for almost all fielding positions.
From school playing field to the test arena, The Katchet will enhance every player's catching ability, technique, reactions and fielding enjoyment.

The Katchet design incorporates a weather proof, impact resistant polypropylene surface which gives excellent speed transference and durability to make catching difficult and testing. The textured surface and precisely engineered angle of the Katchet Board enables minimal effort from a thrower to produce bounce and speed for the catcher. The Katchet Board face has been designed to deflect a ball in an unpredictable yet realistic fashion making it hard work for any Wicket Keeper or fielder using the Katchet for cricket coaching.