Gryphon Chrome Atomic Pro25 GXX3 Hockey Stick (2023/2024)

£139.90 £160.99
By Gryphon


The Gryphon Hockey Chrome Atomic Pro 25 has the perfect balance of Carbon power and cushioned touch. The Atomic Pro 25 uses high quality carbon to ensure power on the pitch. The Pro 25 bow is ideal for enhancing all round play.

The next rung on the ladder, further enhancing power capability. The characteristic ERS generated cushioned touch of the Chrome series.

  • Power: Biting
  • Feel: Cushioned
  • Carbon Quotient: 60
  • Fibre Composition: Carbon, Fibreglass & Kevlar
  • Target Weight: 525g (+/-10g)
  • Target Balance Point: 400mm (+/-10mm)

Pro 25 (P25)

  • Late bow
  • 25mm curve peak positioned at 250mm
  • Compact head shape for improved manoeuvrability
  • The true all-rounder, high level power and assistance to all skills