C&D The Balance Steel Cricket Helmet (2024)

£64.90 £65.00

Helmet Shell:

  • C&D® One-piece moulded copolymer exterior
  • C&D® fitted EPS interior
  • C&D® bridge pieces to accommodate the faceguard mounted on either side of the helmet shell


  • “Rubberised” plastic mesh grommets fixed to outer shell

Fixed Face Guard:

  • Threaded inserts fitted into rim of helmet shell through bridge pieces and fixed to helmet sides

Helmet Face Guard:

  • Welded steel framework to standard C&D® pattern with 5mm top bar permanently fixed with machine screws
    NOT to be removed
  • Black ear pads fitted to face guard

Helmet Strap & Cup:

  • Black Strap
  • Chin cup
  • Robust standard release mechanism


  • Fully Fabric Covered
  • Navy Blue, Dark Green, Maroon, and Black available
  • C&D® Winged Logo attached to face guard side plate
  • C&D® Winged Logo heat transferred to rear of helmet


  • Fitted with brushed nylon covered open-cell polyurethane foam
  • Embroidered with red coloured thread
  • Open-cell polyurethane foam padding pieces enclosed in a cloth outer fitted front, side and back of helmet inside rim
  • T-Shaped C&D® Black Forehead Pad (10mm) – absorbent towel
  • T-Shaped C&D® Red Side and Rear Pads (4mm) x 3
  • All padding pieces with Velcro attached ready to fix in place

Carton and content ready for sale:

  • Top opening printed cardboard carton
  • Helmet, C/W
    • Chinstrap
    • Chin Cup
    • Fitted faceguard
    • Padding pieces
    • Fitting instructions
    • BS 7928:2013 required labelling


Additional Padding:

  • Supplied with every helmet
    • Ensures a firm / close fit to suit the individual
    • T Shaped C&D® Black Forehead Pad (12mm) + absorbent covering
    • Rectangle C&D® Black Forehead Pad (14mm) + absorbent covering
    • T Shaped C&D® BLUE Side and Rear Pads (8mm)      x 3
    • T Shaped C&D® GREEN Side and Rear Pads (12mm) x 3
    • C&D® bag/sack for helmet with winged logo printed on the outside

Helmet Sizing: 

  • (58 – 62cm) Senior
  • (53 – 57cm) Junior
  • (48 – 52cm) Junior Small