Sidearm Elite (2024)

By Sidearm

The New 2024 Sidearm Elite Ball Thrower is a device that can be used to help improve one's batting skills in the game of cricket.

This device can replicate the trajectories and rhythms of a real bowler, providing the batsman with quick, accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries.

The Sidearm Elite Ball Thrower is also able to reach speeds of up to 85 miles per hour, making it one of the faster devices on the market.

This product is super popular amongst cricket players and coaches alike due to its effectiveness in helping improve batting skills.

If you are looking to play your best cricket, then using a Sidearm Club Elite Thrower is definitely something that you should consider.


    • The Sidearm Elite can reach upwards of 85mph.
    • Higher level players can provide hours of fast paced, exciting and unparalleled practice.
    • The Elite is harder to master and is specifically aimed at players accustomed to facing quick bowling.
    • Sidearm have taken onboard feedback from professional users.
    • Coloured pink for good sighting.