Salix AJK Select Cricket Bat (2024)

By Salix

Salix AJK Cricket Bat

The AJK is Salix’s most modern shape, combining a sharper, targeted semi-flat pressed face with a languid, deep bow to create a dramatically profiled, flared edge, powerhouse of a bat. This unique combination of modern profile with deep bow is achieved by multi-stage, tailored pressing. The AJK shares the fluid, sculpted lines of the Pod but with a contemporary flatter face profile. With the highest driving area in the range, it is designed and built to inspire confident, accomplished players with an instinctive game.

– contemporary semi-flat pressed face
– targeted multi-stage pressing, rerunning through the driving area
– sculpted profile with minimal concave sanding for fullest back
– concentration of wood in middle and edges
– semi-flat face for intense power
– dominant, flared edges
– deep, long bow
– mid to high driving area
– smooth triangular toe
– rounder oval handle
– for accomplished, versatile players
– new pared back labels in ‘engineered’ black on chrome, with copper accents
– highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
– CNC free manufacturing, individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat