New Balance DC1280 Batting Pads (2024)

£109.90 £135.00

  • Keep cool in the heat of battle. The DC pads have been put together to allow dynamic complete control over their legs and footwork when facing both spin and pace.
  • Endorsed by Steve Smith
  • Front Material: Imported High Grade PU front, 7 bar modern construction with crosslink foam padding. 
  • Vertical Bolster: Litlon and soft foam and spacer mesh and PU.
  • Knee Bolster: Plastic mould and Litlon and soft foam and spacer mesh and PU.
  • Horizontal Bolster: Litlon foam padded x 3. 
  • Instep: Litlon padded PU covered. 
  • Straps: Nylon with cushioned support and buckle protectors.