Gray Nicolls Legend Thigh Guard (2022)


Body armour Test Match thigh guard Preserving your wicket is not always the priority for every batsman. The combination of Gray-Nicolls CCT and AXM along with our new Interflow Venting ensures that confidence, comfort and courage is offered as standard throughout our Body Armour Range.


  • Poly Armour
  • Impact Foam
  • Diffuser Foam
  • Inter Flow Venting
  • Double Towel Straps
  • Lycra Edging
  • Mesh Vent
  • Lycra Backing
  • Composite Core Technology

The high molecular density of this polymer makes it ideal for dissipating shock waves longitudinally within its structure. For this reason, Poly Armour is ultra thin and lightweight.


The closed-cell structure of this foam gives optimum compression resistance to ball impacts, while efficiently absorbing painful shockwaves. These properties hugely reduce ball rebound, and minimise the chance of being caught out after impact.


This medium density closed-cell foam offers a secondary level of shock resistance, by diffusing the shock waves within the softer polymer structure. Only a medium thickness of this material is needed to take the sting out of an impact.


The open-cell structure of this lightweight foam allows sweat vapour to pass through it, for increased comfort during long innings. Owing to the low density of this foam, it moulds well to the user’s body, giving a soft feel for the perfect fit.