Gilbert Falcon 200 Junior Rugby Headguard

By Gilbert


Are you looking for the number 1 value for money for a junior rugby headguard? Let us introduce the Falcon 200. One of the most popular junior headguards with exceptional value, the Falcon 200 Headguard is a reasonably priced headguard littered with features and benefits to help keep your kids safe during rugby.

Developed specifically for junior rugby, the Falcon 200 Headguard is available in a variety of colours and is suitable for all playing levels with its flexible 3D design and hex padding giving high end performance at incredible value for money.

When coordinating play with your team, awareness and communication has huge importance, the Falcon 200 Headguard is lightweight with hollowed out ear sections for optimised hearing and freedom, ensuring players’ match experience is never hindered.

Added security for players requires comfort, which is why the Falcon 200 Headguard has a poly mesh lining giving it a soft, luxurious feel whilst the ventilation system provides a cool flow of air to the head to stop overheating. As well as this, the expandable lace closure system enables the headguard to be tailored to all shapes and sizes.