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V Pro Cricket Batting Net

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Brand: V Pro

The perfect batting practise aid for the back garden for cricketers of all ages and abilities. Allows you to hit endless balls into a net to groove technique. Also used for cricket coaching of young batsman in a safe environment.



The V Pro is a unique solo cricket training aid designed to encourage and strengthen batting particularly in the  "V", suitable for junior and intermediate players.

The V Pro provides an intensity of practice allowing hundreds of balls to be hit all year round. This improves footwork and strike power as well as committing the shot to muscle memory.  

Easy to set up, the V Pro is suitable for indoor and outdoor use it is also great on the boundary to warm the batsmen up and keep them busy and focused. 

The V Pro net is constructed out of a steel frame with a high performance net. The ball weighs 142 g. Sold with a durable carry bag.

Width 2m x length 2.16m x height 1.87m. The approximate required area is 4m x 2m

This great product is endorsed by the legendary Kiwi cricketer and head Coach of the England Test team, Brendan McCullum.

“This is the best individual training routine a player can utilise. The repetitive motion and precise ball return means hours of practice can be squeezed into a short coaching drill. Every keen cricketer, from beginner to first class players should have one”. – Brendon McCullum.

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