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Gray Nicolls Shockwave Gen 2.1 Players Cricket Bat (2024)

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Brand: Gray Nicolls

For the player looking to stand out in a crowd - Shockwave 2.1 decal has a bold pink trim to really make a statement. For optimal performance, this bat has been developed with pick up and weight distribution in mind; a mid sweet spot and full profile give ultimate confidence with every shot. A modern shape with long sweeping bow maintains a full profile that creates a balance of power and pick up with modern semi square toe.

Bow: Full Length.
Profile: Large hitting area with mid blade sweet spot.
Face: Powercurve - Semi Rounded Face for increased profile and optimum ping.
Pick up: Mid blade balance point creates lightweight pick up on full profile bat.
Edges: Off set edge – swell profile enhances pick up and enlarges sweet spot.
Toe: Semi Square.
Handle: Semi Oval.
Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip.

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