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New Balance DC1280 Batting Pads (2023)

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Brand: New Balance

Player's Quality batting pads endorsed by Jason Roy and Steve Smith. The 2023 New Balance DC 1280 Batting Pads offer elite level protection, comfort and feel through the combined foam and vane panel construction, ensuring you're protected and comfortable in the middle.


  • Front Material: Imported High Grade PU front, 7 bar modern construction with crosslink foam padding. 
  • Vertical Bolster: Litlon and soft foam and spacer mesh and PU.
  • Knee Bolster: Plastic mould and Litlon and soft foam and spacer mesh and PU.
  • Horizontal Bolster: Litlon foam padded x 3. 
  • Instep: Litlon padded PU covered. 
  • Straps: Nylon with easy release PU tabs.
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