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Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(6)
Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(7)
Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(12)

Choose your desired bat from our vast selection, purchase it and opt for our Bat Preparation service.

Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(8)
Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(13)

If you’re not completely satisfied withthe bat’s performance, simply fill outour Bat Exchange Request Form to initiate the exchange process.

Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(9)
Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(14)

Return the bat to AJ Sports. Please ensure you’ve filled out the Exchange Request Form prior to this.

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Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(15)

Once your return is received, please browse our selection and pick out a brand-new bat of equal or greater value.

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Copy of The Five Step BatXchange Process(17)

Time to enjoy your new bat! The newbat can be shipped to you (if online) orhanded over directly at the store.

THE AJ SPORTS BatxChange Guarantee

Bat Exchange Scheme Terms and Conditions Final-1

Terms and Conditions
1. Eligibility: This scheme applies only to full-size and Harrow-size cricketbats purchased at AJ Sports.
2. Exchange Period: Bats may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase.Standard manufacturer warranty terms apply beyond this period.
3. Exchange Conditions: Bats with damage through misuse and beyondnormal wear and tear will not be eligible for exchange. This is at thediscretion of AJ Sports.
3.a. Misuse Factors include (but not limited to):
3.a.1. Water Damage.
3.a.2. Spike Damage.
3.a.3. Any other external damage caused by anything other than the normaluse of a cricket bat.
4. Bat Preparation: Only bats that have been fully prepared by AJ Sports areeligible for this scheme. For exchanged bats that require bat preparation, thecustomer will be eligible for a half price bat preparation service based on thetype of service the customer selects.
5. Exchange Value: The replacement bat must be of equal or greater valuethan the original bat. If the replacement bat is of greater value, the customerwill need to pay the difference.
6. No Refunds: No cash refunds will be given as part of this scheme. Thecustomer may opt to purchase additional items to make up the value if thereplacement bat chosen is of less value than the original.
7. Delivery: The customer is responsible to cover any delivery costsassociated to and from AJ Sports using a recorded delivery method.
8. Exchange Limit: Only new bats are allowed to be exchanged, and anyexchanged bats cannot be re-exchanged.
9. Proof of Purchase: Customers must provide a valid proof of purchase(receipt or invoice) at the time of exchange. This is normally emailed to thecustomer at the time of purchase.
10. AJ Sports Discretion: AJ Sports reserves the right to execute, amend, orcommence any actions related to the exchange policy.
11. Amendments: AJ Sports reserves the right to amend the terms andconditions of the ‘Bat Exchange Guarantee’ scheme (also known as ‘The AJSports BatXchange Guarantee Scheme’) without prior notice at any time.


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